Internet of Things and Its Potentials

Potential of IoT

Internet of things includes software, sensors, devices, and electronics which are connected to the internet and forms a network whereby data can be easily shared even remotely with a remote or a Smartphone. Do not be under the false impression that this is something new and has emerged only recently due to rapid digitalization. You cannot be more wrong than that. Even though the term was coined back in 1999 by Kevin Ashton, the application or software driven by IoT surfaced back in 1982 at Carnegie Melon University. 

Everyday Iot Applications That You Are Using

In the few recent years, businesses have adopted IoT for better efficiency and management. Apps driven by IoT are in daily use, and you do not even realize it while using them. The smart TVs watches everything is a product of IoT. The power of IoT knows no bounds. Here are a few examples of IoT apps and their impact.

  • Insurance – If you have a Fitbit wristband then you can get discounts in an insurance company. It is a part of their vitality program. The program seeks to incorporate benefits and discounts on life insurance. In this way, policyholders are both taking care of their health and at the same time reaping benefits for having a healthy body.
  • Manufacturing – Use of IoT in the manufacturing sector has also produced some good results. A lighting manufacturing company which offers its services to the horticulture sector developed an IoT app which controls the light, plant photosynthesis and power consumption. This helped in cutting down the cost and turned into a greenhouse.
  • Media And Entertainment – IoT applications are also a great help in the media and entertainment industry. The sensors help in keeping track of the number of people attending a venue of the event. This, in turn, helps the marketing team in strategizing and placing the advertisements in those places where the sensors have detected the highest foot traffic.
  • Pharmaceuticals – Often older adults forget their medication, and it is not always possible to remind them, developers have realized this problem and has used IoT to create an app which reminds people of their medication. There are also apps which are made to monitor the handling temperature of the medicines, to make sure that they are useful when registered. Beyond that required temperature, range medicines will have no effect when recorded which is especially true for vaccines. 
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  • Airline – IoT has helped to cut down the costs at the ground level by creating a tracking app which keeps track of the maintenance equipment. This is a much-needed help for the flight engineers, and also this makes sure that the things are all in place so that the flight can take off without any delays. This, in turn, keeps the passengers happy as they do not have to wait for delayed flights grudgingly. 
  • Business Services – Use of IoT in the business sector has not only reduced cost, but it also helps in providing better customer services. IoT apps with sensors in places like soap dispensers, coffee machines, paper towel dispenser alert the service personnel whenever it detects any problem.
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