Artificial Intelligence in the Entertainment and Media Industry

 The media industry and global entertainment witnessed a rapid transformation in the way content is distributed. More and more content creation such as high-resolution cameras, content making software, and smartphones allow almost everyone to make, publish, and distribute video, audio, and video content. This trend is increasingly accelerated by Internet proliferation, which has replaced traditional media channels such as cables and radios with on-demand streaming platforms such as Netflix and YouTube . As a result, consumers have potentially unlimited options to be chosen in terms of media consumption. Thus, media companies need to increase the quantity and quality of their content to help them achieve this goal; media companies adopt advanced technology such as AI. Here are some cases of use of AI in the media and AI in entertainment that changes the industry: 1. Tagging Metadata: With countless content made every minute, classify these items and make it easy to find viewers into Her

Internet of Things and Its Potentials

Internet of things includes software, sensors, devices, and electronics which are connected to the internet and forms a network whereby data can be easily shared even remotely with a remote or a Smartphone. Do not be under the false impression that this is something new and has emerged only recently due to rapid digitalization. You cannot be more wrong than that. Even though the term was coined back in 1999 by Kevin Ashton, the application or software driven by IoT surfaced back in 1982 at Carnegie Melon University.  Everyday Iot Applications That You Are Using In the few recent years, businesses have adopted IoT for better efficiency and management. Apps driven by IoT are in daily use, and you do not even realize it while using them. The smart TVs watches everything is a product of IoT. The power of IoT knows no bounds. Here are a few examples of IoT apps and their impact. Insurance – If you have a Fitbit wristband then you can get discounts in an insurance company. It i

The 3 Internet Trends In 2018 That Can Make Your Life Better!

There is no doubt in the fact that the IoT fever is taking all over the world. And this is exactly why one must make sure that they in fact are aware of the same. They will of course be though because, the diets and the fitness are already showing the importance of the wearable’s in the IoTs and so are the smart appliances in the homes.  When it comes to understanding that what are the best trends that are going to take over the world in 2018, then these are the three things that come to our minds.  Datamites institute is one of the leading centers for IOT training in INDIA. You can opt for classroom in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune or ONLINE mode. Datamites also providing Live projects work on Data Science, AI and IoT courses. 3 trends: Following are the 3 best trends nevertheless: Security: There are various smart objects that are coming into the picture, thanks to the IoTs. But people must remember that along with “new trends come new responsibilities”. And th

6 Examples of Internet Of Things Products That Can Help You Completely

There is completely no doubt in the fact that the internet of things will take over the world really really soon. It is one of the best way of creating the best impacts on businesses and helping them find easy solution to reach to the consumers and understanding the needs as well.  This is absolutely one reason why the businesses are investing so much into the internet of things in the first place. There is no doubt in the fact that the internet of things keep various devices connected to each other and this is exactly why the businesses are investing in the same and capitalizing the money on every opportunity that they get their hands on.  Datamites is providing IoT training and Certification in Bangalore , Pune and Hyderabad. Sing-up and get certify.  It can be quite estimated that no industry can go without the help of the internet of things anymore. Industries that will benefit from it:  The following are the various Industries that will manage to get the be

All About The New Technological Boon Of The AI, ML And The Deep Learning With IOT

World is talking about artificial intelligence. But are you aware that they are also growing interest for another such tech? That is the machine learning and the deep learning. They are the terms which are often used as the synonyms of the artificial intelligence. But the fact is a bit different. There is obviously a bit of difference between the terms, but they are unclear. So for that you need to have basic idea of each of them. A basic idea of the AI Now what is the AI? AI are those tasks which are being done by the human intelligence but here the task is being done by the machine. AI can be of two types- general and the narrow one. The general one is having all the properties of the human beings. O other hand the narrow is having some of the properties of the human being. They lack in the other areas of experts. Datamites is providing AI (artificial Intelligence) training in Bangalore , if you wants to be expert in AI contact Datamites Institute . Know abou