All About The New Technological Boon Of The AI, ML And The Deep Learning With IOT

Learning New Technology with IOT

World is talking about artificial intelligence. But are you aware that they are also growing interest for another such tech?

That is the machine learning and the deep learning. They are the terms which are often used as the synonyms of the artificial intelligence. But the fact is a bit different.

There is obviously a bit of difference between the terms, but they are unclear. So for that you need to have basic idea of each of them.

A basic idea of the AI

Now what is the AI?
AI are those tasks which are being done by the human intelligence but here the task is being done by the machine. AI can be of two types- general and the narrow one. The general one is having all the properties of the human beings. O other hand the narrow is having some of the properties of the human being. They lack in the other areas of experts.

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Know about the machine learning

Now machine learning is to teach a machine how to operate itself. Thus the machine learning is only to achieve the AI. Ai without machine learning is great task with lots of coding, complex rules and the decision trees. Therefore the machine is trained by feeding them huge amount of data and information from collected areas.

Get an idea about the Deep learning

Lastly the deep learning is a technique to teach the machine their learning processes. It has been designed like the human brain and works in a similar manner. Artificial neural networks work in the backside to operate the machine with the AI.

How do these three terms connect to each other

Now to get the connection between these three terms we can get a comparison form the human body.
The AI and the internet of things are like the brain and the body. The body takes the input in different manners like sensors, sight, sound or light. These senses are send to the brain and they are analyzed to give the output.

Similarly the IOT takes all the necessary data and information from different sources and service. That is being send to the AI and the data are analyzed. Accordingly the instruction is being given by the machine as the output.

So now you can understand how much they are intertwined with each other. The sectors of the AI have not seen such a fast improvement unless you get the ML and the Deep Learning. It makes the other useful and better for usage also.

Application at various sectors

Bothe the industrial side and the consumer’s side they get practical life adaption. On the industrial side, AI is applied to predict any kind of error or efficiency issue of any machines.
When the consumers uses it, they actually adapt the technology. We can ask the machine that what we need rather than doing it. So we uses the technology.

This are further more advanced with the other inventions like the smaller chips of the computers, wireless connectivity, battery technology , smart phones Thus AI has left a great impact on the society. But remember every good things are also having a bit of bad. If used by wrong person, Ai can also destruct us in every possible ways.

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